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Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) Designation

In 2005 the Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA) was the first provincial career development association in Canada to launch a voluntary certification for Career Development Practitioners, leading the way for British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Ontario to follow. Several other provinces are currently exploring certification options as well. The CDAA and other provincial career development associations are members of the Canadian Council for Career Development and, specifically, the Certification Working Group. This involvement has enabled the provincial associations to work together to address issues related to certification reciprocity and the development of national certification and re-certification standards.

The Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) designation is based on the Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development Practitioners and requires adherence to a professional Code of Ethics. Through a robust re-certification process CCDPs may maintain their designation.

Certification not only provides a mechanism to validate and recognize the competence of practitioners working in the field but to legitimize the complex and evolving field of practice. Through the standardization of competencies certification delivers quality assurance for employers, funders, and the public. The certification process takes into account both formal and informal learning and experience to unify practitioners with a common voice and vocabulary for career development.

The CCDP Application Guide outlines the CCDP certification criteria, the education and employment eligibility standards for both the Education Pathway and the Employment Pathway, and the application process. Please review the guide carefully and contact the CDAA Registrar, Lise Stransky, at if you have any questions.

CCDP Schedule of Fees

CDAA Membership Fee (due annually) - $115.76 + GST

CCDP Application Fee (due at time of application) - $150.00 + GST

CCDP Annual Maintenance Fee (due year one and year two) - $50.00 + GST / year

CCDP Re-certification Application Fee (due year three) - $100.00 + GST

CCDP Late Re-certification Application Fee (due at time of late re-certification application) - $20.00 + GST  

CCDP Reinstatement Fee (due at time of reinstatement) - $75.00 + GST

CCDP Transfer Fee (due at time of application) - $100.00 + GST

CCDP Appeal Fee (due at time of appeal) - $50.00 + GST

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